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Prime Prostate

100% herbal, natural, super strength supplement for prostate problems

Contains saw palmetto 20:1 extract plus 21 other active ingredients. Highly effective against all types of prostate problems including BPH. Avoid years of pain, inconvenience, ill-health and loss of sexual pleasure with this 100% natural herbal prostate formula

Prime Prostate

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Prevent and treat prostate problems, banish painful symptoms and protect yourself from more serious prostate disorders

Prime's® formula contains clinically proven 100% natural, herbal ingredients that work every bit as well as prescription prostate drugs but without resigning yourself to any of their nasty side effects - impotence and incontinence.


  • Eases the discomfort of your swollen prostate
  • Shrinks swollen prostate tissue so you can pee properly – one continuous powerful stream until your bladder is empty
  • Reduces the sudden urge to urinate so you can go out without having to worry about having ‘to go’ every 5 minutes or whether you’re going to ‘get there’ in time!
  • Practically eliminates the need to urinate during the night, meaning you can sleep soundly
  • Restores your energy and libido so you can enjoy a normal sex life again
  • Optimises the health of your urinary tract – no more infections or painful urination!

Saw Palmetto – more effective than prescription prostate drugs

First and foremost in Prime’s® arsenal is a standardised extract of Saw Palmetto berry, a traditional Native American remedy for the prostate. Saw Palmetto’s active ingredient, Beta Sisterol, significantly reduces the harmful effects of DHT (the chemical that causes prostate enlargement). Studies have proven it to be more effective than the prescription prostate drugs at shrinking enlarged prostate tissue. It is also proven to significantly reduce frequency of urination and to improve urine flow rate – plus it is already well established as a preventative of urinary tract infections.

But not just any old Saw Palmetto will do! It MUST be the 20:1 extract, the most potent form, 100 times more powerful than ordinary Saw Palmetto and the one used in Prime®.

Herbs known to improve and support prostate health

To get the best possible protection for your prostate, we’ve combined our high strength Saw Palmetto with a number of other key natural ingredients to create a safe and highly effective prostate remedy – all thanks to Mother Nature. Prime® Prostate Formula also includes a careful selection of the most powerful and widely recognised herbs that work together to support your prostate health – Damiana Leaf, Sarsaparillla, Siberian Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Capsicum, Licorice Root and Kelp. Each of these herbs exert powerful therapeutic effects in their own right, but when combined in the right ratios become hugely more potent. As well as helping your body to detoxify itself and boost immunity, many have anti-inflammatory qualities which shrink inflamed tissue helping your prostate to function normally again.

free trial for Prime Prostate

Essential minerals protect from disease

Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Chloride, Sodium, Potassium, Sulphate, Lithium and Boron are all known prostate protecting minerals and are all found in Prime®. Prime® contains an abundance of Zinc (10mg/67% RDA).  Zinc in particular has been shown in several controlled studies to actually reverse prostate enlargement (BPH). But your body can’t absorb Zinc unless enough vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCI) is present, which is why Prime® contains a whopping 4mg (210% RDA) of vitamin B6. Prime® also contains 130mg of Magnesium (33% RDA).  Magnesium is vital to the optimum functioning of your immune system and has been in use since the 1930’s to treat urinary problems of prostatic origin. Most important of all, minerals act in unison to maintain the pH balance of your blood ensuring it remains slightly alkaline. This is critical because all diseases tend to flourish in acidic blood conditions.

Most man-made mineral supplements are impossible for your body to absorb. But Prime® includes the full spectrum of 72 trace minerals and elements harvested from the Great Salt Lake of Utah – the richest source of naturally occurring trace minerals on earth. These minerals are so microscopically small they are incredibly easy for the human body to absorb and utilise.

Full list of ingredients >

Protect your prostate AND boost your sex drive!

Your urethra is also part of your reproductive system – it produces the fluid that carries sperm during ejaculation. Therefore an enlarged prostate pressing on your urethra can also give rise to erectile dysfunction, loss of libido and reduction in sexual function. To make matters worse, a commonly prescribed prostate drug is known to block the production of testosterone which can lead to impotence –­ bad news for your sex life all round! But because Prime® is 100% natural, it has none of these embarrassing and humiliating side effects. In fact, Prime® has been reported to BOOST sex drive in many men who take it, allowing them and their partners to enjoy an unexpectedly renewed and invigorated love life – definitely the sort of side effect you DO want!

Prime® – engineered by bio-chemists in FDA approved facilities

Prime® is engineered by bio-chemists who really understand prostate disease. All the active ingredients are extracted using patented cold ‘pressing techniques’ so none of their delicate phyto-nutrients are lost or damaged in any way. Contrast this with typical mass produced nutrition which is manufactured in labs and processed at such high temperatures the active ingredients are totally destroyed. 

The secret behind Prime’s® success isn’t just the combination of ingredients that go into it, but their precise ratios, peak potencies and superior forms. All its ingredients are carefully blended – in a proprietary process – so they bond at a molecular level, to form a multi-faceted biological force, designed to attack the root causes of prostate problems on every level.

Plus Prime® is incredibly bio-available too. It comes with its own set of built in enzymes – amylase, cellulose, protease, lipase and bromelain – for easy digestion and faster absorption. The net result? Prime® is extremely potent and packs the ‘nutraceutical punch’ needed to break down and flush out the DHT which builds up in unhealthy prostates.

free trial for Prime Prostate

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