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Cholest Check

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Cholest Check

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Worryingly, around 200,000 people die from heart and circulatory diseases in the UK each year. That’s around 4 out of 10 deaths from all causes. 

High cholesterol is one of the biggest contributing factors to high blood pressure because it clogs your arteries. In the west, our diet alone is enough to cause high cholesterol, and when you combine it with a lack of exercise, smoking or drinking, we’re all at risk.

Cholest Check® uses a unique, triple-action formula that cleanses arteries, lowers blood pressure and protects your cardiovascular system. It’s the ideal natural alternative to statins for lowering cholesterol. And if you’re already taking a cholesterol lowing drug Cholest Check® makes the perfect partner, because it contains CoQ10, a nutrient your heart depends on to function normally, levels of which are depleted by statin drugs.

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Cholest Check® - The Perfect Partner to Statins…

 FACT: Heart Disease is The Nation’s Biggest Killer

FACT: High Cholesterol is The Biggest Risk Factor

 We all know that high cholesterol is bad, but did you know that it is one of the biggest contributing factors to clogged arteries, high blood pressure, strokes and premature death?

 All these are life-threatening, but the after-effects of a stroke can be particularly devastating. Unable to perform basic human functions like movement or speech, you can end up totally dependent on a loved one for years, affecting their life too.

 Worryingly, these are the lucky ones. Only 3 in 10 stroke victims recover enough to go home. 5 out of 10 have to go into residential care for the rest of their lives, and the other 2 die.

 And cholesterol creeps up on you without any signs, until it’s almost too late. It’s estimated that in the UK most people over 50 have excess cholesterol.

 In the West, our diet cause high cholesterol, and when you combine that with a lack of exercise, smoking and drinking, we’re all at very real risk.  

 Doctors routinely prescribe statins for people with high cholesterol, but they come with several unpleasant side effects and ironically, although they suppress cholesterol levels, they block your body’s ability to make co-enzyme Q10 something that’s vital for a strong heart. So although statins lower cholesterol they also weaken your heart.

 But there is an alternative. Cholest Check® combines 4 natural substances that lower ‘bad’ cholesterol, raise ‘good’ cholesterol and at the same time, cleanse arteries of fatty deposits - something statins don’t do.

 The first, Activin® (50mg), is a patented form of grape seed extract – one of the most ‘cardio-protective’ anti-oxidants you can get. Over 90 research papers have demonstrated it is exceptionally good at clearing fatty build-ups from artery walls. The second, Policosanol (20mg) – another type of anti-oxidant, supresses bad (LDL) cholesterol as well as statins. Thirdly, we include a special ‘slow-release-no flush’ form of vitamin B3, which acts as a ‘vasodilator’ to relax your arteries and improve circulation. Lastly we add 60mg of CoQ10, (the nutrient that statins deplete), to keep your heart functioning strongly.

 Cholest Check® is the ideal natural solution for lowering cholesterol if you prefer not to take statins. On the other hand, if you’re already taking statins, Cholest Check® adds to their cholesterol supressing abilities and at the same time replaces the CoQ10 statins destroy.

Ingredients and Dosage

Additional Information


Cholest Check®

Ingredients and dosage

Suggested dosage:

Take 2 capsules a day, morning and night. Contains 60 capsules. At maintenance dose one bottle lasts one month.

Ingredients list:

2 capsules provide the following:



Co-enzyme Q10 (ubiquinol)




Niacin (inositol hexanicotenate)


Activin grape seed extract


* USRDA (U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance for adults and children over 12)
† USRDA not established.

Additional Ingredients: No added sugar, starch, artificial preservatives or fillers. Not suitable for vegetarians.


Ingredients Activin grape seed extract, Co-enzyme-Q10, Niacin, Policosanol