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Muscle Support

Muscle Support

Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean you live a less active lifestyle, but it can mean that your body tires more easily. If this is the case, muscle support supplements can give you the strength you need to go about your day-to-day business with ease. DIY projects, walking the dog, carrying shopping, walking up stairs and looking after the grandchildren all put strain on your muscles, so it’s important to have the right muscle support to make sure that you’re up to the task.

How muscle support supplements will benefit you

Here at NutriPlus, we have developed a range of muscle support supplements, including essential minerals like magnesium and potassium, to keep your muscle tissues in peak physical condition. But that’s not all. We realise you still want to look good, so our muscle support supplements also feature special herbs and enzymes, vital to overall muscle health so you always look younger than your true age.

Give yourself the muscle support you need

If your muscles are put to the test on a regular basis, then you are one of many who could benefit from our muscle support supplements. Take a look at our range, and provide yourself with the muscle support you need to stay healthy and active for years to come.

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  1. Micromins 114ml

    Micromins 114ml

    Double Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling stated: “You can trace every sickness and disease to a mineral imbalance or deficiency.” Experts estimate 92% of us are at risk because the typical western diet, high in animal products and sweet, sugary processed foods, makes our blood extremely acidic. Research confirms diseases thrive in acidic conditions. All minerals are alkaline by nature ... View Product
    1x 114ml bottle (2 months supply)
    RRP: £29.99 £19.95
    2x 114ml bottles (4 months supply)
    RRP: £59.98 £39.95
    3x 114ml bottles (6 months supply)
    RRP: £89.97 £56.95
    4x 114ml bottles (8 months supply)
    RRP: £119.96 £74.95
    6x 114ml bottles (12 months supply)
    RRP: £239.92 £99.95
    12x 114ml bottles (24 months supply)
    RRP: £449.85 £189.95

  2. Bone Matrix Calcium

    Bone Matrix Calcium

    Calcium comes in many forms, most of which are notoriously difficult for the human body to absorb or use. But Bone Matrix Calcium contains a special form of calcium known as Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Calcium (MCHC).  MCHC has been the choice of leading rheumatologists, osteopaths and orthopedists worldwide for over 40 years because its microcrystalline structure has proven itself to be better th... View Product
    1x 90 tablets
    RRP: £29.99 £19.95
    2x 90 tablets
    RRP: £59.98 £39.95
    3x 90 tablets
    RRP: £89.97 £56.95
    6x 90 tablets
    RRP: £179.94 £99.95
    12x 90 tablets
    RRP: £359.88 £189.95

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2 Item(s)