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Pain Relief

Pain Relief

As you age, you become more prone to joint and muscle pain. When this happens, you want fast, effective pain relief and there is nothing faster or more effective than topical pain relievers. Topical pain relief can take the form of a cream, rub or ointment and can be used to treat any kind of muscle, bone or joint pain, including sprains or injuries.

Do topical pain relievers provide targeted pain relief for joints and muscles?

A lot of the time, pain relief in the form of pills just takes too long. After all, what’s the point in ingesting medication for your whole body in order to treat a neck pain? We understand this at NutriPlus, which is why we’ve developed a special topical pain reliever for your muscle and joint pains. A topical pain reliever is applied directly to the affected area, providing targeted pain relief that goes to work instantly.

Pain relieving ingredients that tackle pain at its source

Our topical pain reliever is highly absorbable and packed with pain relieving ingredients that quickly get to work.  So when you’re suffering from joint or muscle pain, opt for the most effective pain topical relief possibly and wipe out your pain at its source.

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  1. Joint Mobility

    Joint Mobility

    Joint Mobility® combats arthritis, inflammation and joint pain. It combines peak concentrations of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM with a precise ratio of vitamins, minerals, herbs and enzymes including ‘serrapeptase’. Harvard Health Letter referred to serrapeptase as a ‘miracle enzyme’ because of its ability to interact with and change so many different nutrients in ways that ... View Product
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