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Could you benefit from stress relief? You would have thought that being older would mean you no longer have to worry about stress, but there are still plenty of things that can cause you stress, not least your children and grandchildren! If you feel a little stressed every now and again, stress relief supplements could be just what you need to regain control.

How does my body react to stress?

Stress is more than just a strong emotional response to a situation. It’s hormonal. When you’re stressed your adrenal glands produce excessive amounts of adrenaline, creating the physiological response in your body known as fight-or-flight. Stress isn’t always instantaneous either. It can build up over time and last for years, which can be extremely damaging to your health. Side effects of stress include trouble sleeping, memory problems, even the onset of early dementia, making it all the more important that you free yourself from the burden of stress with our special stress relief supplements.

How can I tackle stress?

That’s why here at NutriPlus we’ve designed stress relief supplements to calm your nerves, giving you the respite you need to clear your mind and relax your body. Our stress relief supplements are more than just a temporary solution. They help to reduce stress over the long-term by working with your body so it doesn’t over react to stress. Don’t be a ticking time-bomb. Soothe your mind and body with our stress relief supplements.

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  1. Micromins 114ml

    Micromins 114ml

    Double Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling stated: “You can trace every sickness and disease to a mineral imbalance or deficiency.” Experts estimate 92% of us are at risk because the typical western diet, high in animal products and sweet, sugary processed foods, makes our blood extremely acidic. Research confirms diseases thrive in acidic conditions. All minerals are alkaline by nature ... View Product
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