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We know how important your health is to you and that you expect the finest quality nutrients in your health supplements. Here at Nutriplus we only use ‘nutraceutical’ grade nutrients in exactly the right quantities, to ensure the purity and potency of our formulas. We're dedicated to discovering and developing the most effective, 100% natural solutions to the health challenges you're facing.

All our formulas are developed by Dr. John Heinerman Ph.D. Dr. Heinerman has been working as a health practitioner, food therapist and medical anthropologist for over 27 years and is considered one of the top 20 anti-ageing clinicians in the world.

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  1. IQ Protect

    IQ Protect

    Nobody wants to end up an empty shell. But a frightening proportion of us do.  Your brain has billions of cells and trillions of connections that give us three key abilities: concentration, memory and cognition (problem solving.) All three must be working perfectly for you to function normally.  Our new brain formula IQ Protect® contains 12 cutting edge nutrients which have multiple &ls... View Product
    1x 60 capsules
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    2x 60 capsules
    RRP: £69.95 £54.95
    3x 60 capsules
    RRP: £106.95 £79.95
    6x 60 capsules
    RRP: £199.95 £147.95
    12x 60 capsules + 3 Free
    RRP: £399.95 £279.95

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