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Tongkat Max

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Tongkat Max

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Your sex drive and how easily you can get and maintain an erection depends on one thing: testosterone. But the older you are the less you produce. By the time you’re 50, it’s half what it was when you were 20.

The active ingredient in Tongkat Max® returns your body’s testosterone production to youthful levels, allowing you to get and maintain an erection whenever desired. High testosterone levels also mean greater strength, more energy, better muscle mass and less fat accumulation. 

Tongkat Max® contains the most effective natural testosterone booster ever discovered - Eurycoma Longifolia - in its strongest form, 1:200 extract, taken from the roots of mature Tongkat Ali trees, grown in the pristine jungles of Indonesia. If you’re seriously interested in maintaining or reclaiming your potency and 'manliness' you won't find anything better.

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Men’s Health Special: Answer to male performance problems found in Asian tree root extract: 100% natural…no side effects…CLINICALLY PROVEN!

“Don’t Let Problems Getting or Maintaining An Erection End Your Sex Life”

Low libido and erectile dysfunction are ruining the lives of thousands of men all over the world – but it needn’t happen to YOU…

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. John Heinerman Ph.D. I’m a bestselling author and a world authority on natural medicines...

I want to assure you that everything you’re about to read is real and backed up with solid evidence. By the end of this letter you will have the answer to potency that every man over 50 needs to know.

Here’s the problem…

It goes without saying, if you can’t get or maintain an erection, when your partner wants sex, it wrecks your confidence and self-esteem. Even if you’ve just had the occasional problem, the fear of it happening again is enough to stifle your performance the next time. Pretty soon you’re so worried about whether you’ll be able to ‘perform’ you start avoiding sex altogether.

And by now you must realise that all those silly sprays, creams, pills and pumps that claim to give you an instant erection don’t work. If they did Pfeizer - the manufacturers of Viagra - would be out of business.

The good news is there really is a powerful alternative substance that can reverse your declining sex drive and return your flagging penis to normal.
This natural substance has no side effects, is completely safe, non-addictive and available without prescription. And it’s been clinically tested and proven to work over and over again.

So let’s see how this wonder of nature could help you…

You may find this surprising, but the simple fact is: your sex drive and how easily you can get and maintain an erection depends on one thing –


The problem is the older you get, the less of it you produce…

Testosterone is the hormone that makes you feel ‘horny’ in the first place. It also controls muscle growth, fat storage and sperm production.
We reach peak levels in our late teens and twenties, but the older we get the more it dwindles. By the time you’re into your 50’s it’s half what it was when you were 20, so it’s much harder for you to become aroused.

The older you are, the worse the situation becomes. Ejaculations become less powerful, orgasms less intense and worst of all - you simply lose interest in sex.

Low testosterone levels are surprisingly common in Western men…

Stressful working conditions, financial worries, poor diets, lack of exercise, smoking and drinking, all suppress testosterone production. Within medical circles it’s known as Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome and it’s reaching epidemic proportions.

Do you realise men with low testosterone are more likely to develop central obesity, insulin resistance, poor glucose control, abnormal cholesterol levels and high blood pressure? This combination of symptoms greatly increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and/or suffering a heart attack or stroke.
In fact, if you have low testosterone levels you are 68% more likely to die prematurely, from any cause, than a man with high testosterone levels. Testosterone is after all what makes you a man. So wouldn’t you agree that anything which keeps your testosterone levels high is worth investigating?

Well I’m very happy to inform you that there is…

Asian tree root extract reverses low testosterone and puts an end to erection worries…CLINICAL PROOF!

Tongkat Ali has been hailed as the greatest natural cure for male performance problems ever discovered.

The trouble is, since the Western world found out about its value as a highly effective testosterone booster and erection reviver, unscrupulous suppliers have flooded the market with low quality, low strength and even fake Tongkat Ali supplements.

In case you’ve tried it and been disappointed. Let me assure you, as a doctor who has studied and used it personally, Tongkat Ali does work wonderfully well to revive flagging libido, but only if you consume the right quality and quantity.

But, before we go any further, let me dispel any doubts you may have about whether Tongkat Ali actually works or not, by looking at some recent studies. Take the results of this human trial carried out in Cape Town, South Africa, for example:

A pilot study was launched with 13 physically active male and female seniors aged between 57 and 72 taking 400mg of Tongkat Ali (1:200 strength extract) daily for 5 weeks. The study was controlled by the Department of Medical Bioscience at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Treatment resulted in significant increases in ‘total’ and ‘free’ circulating testosterone in both the men and the women. It was noted that muscular strength increased substantially in both sexes as well. The study concluded that: “Tongkat Ali supplementation is useful in later life to boost declining sex hormones and rebuild muscle strength in both men and women.” Phytotherapy Research, June 2013

And in a recent animal trial earlier this year, 42 older male rats were used to test the sexual benefits of taking Tongkat Ali: The rats were divided into two groups: 21 were force-fed Tongkat Ali extract for 2 weeks, while the other group was administered a placebo. It was discovered that the rats given the Tongkat Ali extract had greater sperm concentrations, more active sperm and significantly increased sexual vitality over the placebo group. The conclusion reached by medical investigators? “TA [Tongkat Ali] appears safe and effective for treatment of male infertility and ageing male potency problems.” Andrologia, March 20, 2014

Even more recently, another human trial from India: The semen of 642 Indian men was analysed. Of these, 194 men were tobacco chewers (10 packets per day). Their sperm count was found to be low and abnormal in their structures. But when these same tobacco chewers were given Tongkat Ali for 4 weeks, their sperm’s structural defects disappeared and no other strange abnormalities were noticed after that. Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences, April 2014

How about this slightly older one, reported in the Asian Journal of Andrology, May 2010 featuring 75 couples, where the men were suffering from impotency: Each man was given 1200mg of Tongkat Ali tree root extract a day, containing the active ingredient Eurycoma Longifolia in the ratio of 1:200. That means for every milligram of tree root, 200 parts of the active ingredient were present. The trial lasted for 3 months. Follow up semen analysis showed higher semen volumes, elevated sperm counts and greater mobility of sperm. As a result of the trial, 15 spontaneous pregnancies occurred. Obviously, it’s impossible to make a woman pregnant without a good solid erection!

And in the same year it was reported in Reproduction in Domestic Animals, August, 2010“That extract of Tongkat Ali increased libido by up to 80% and also greatly expanded semen volume and quality of sperm in breeding boars.”

There are many more trials I could cite, but they’re mostly in Indonesian, Malaysian and Chinese. The point is real Tongkat Ali works wonderfully well to re-ignite sexual appetite and performance.

From the above trials it’s clear that Tongkat Ali increases testosterone levels, which in turn increases sperm production in your testicles. Obviously at some point your testicles become full and the excess sperm has to go somewhere. The only way for your body to get rid of it is for you to get an erection, have an orgasm and ejaculate. And that’s all there is to it.

But, you have to be sure you’re taking the real McCoy. Notice in the above trial the men were given Tongkat Ali tree root extract because it’s only in the trees’ roots that the active ingredient (Eurycoma Longifolia) is present in high enough concentrations to be of any sexual value. Other parts of the tree also contain it, but in much lower levels. E.g. – Tongkat Ali tree leaves contain Eurycoma Longifolia in the ratio of 1:1. Pathetically weak. As you work your way down the tree, it gradually gets stronger until you come to the tree roots, where it’s strongest of all at 1:200.

Of course it’s much easier to pick the leaves or cut off the upper branches than it is to dig up the tree roots, which is why the upper parts of the tree are used to make cheap, ineffective Tongkat Ali supplements. That’s why genuine Tongkat Ali 1:200 extract is relatively expensive.

Of course it’s virtually impossible for the ordinary man or woman to tell the good from the bad. And since the good stuff is swamped a hundred to one by the legions of weak, ineffective supplements, it’s very hard to find genuine TKA supplements.

And that’s why I’m writing to you today. To introduce you to:

Tongkat Max™ 1:200 – the strongest Tongkat Ali supplement possible

Each capsule of Tongkat Max™ contains 300mg of Tongkat Ali tree root powder containing Eurycoma Longifolia extract in the ratio of 1:200. 4 capsules a day comes to 1200mg – the same amount used in the above trials.

Don’t waste your time and money on inferior products using weaker strengths or smaller doses, they don’t work. Only 1:200 extract at a dosage of 1200mg a day, guarantees your return to full potency. (Once you have regained full potency, you may wish to consider reducing your dosage to 3 or even 2 capsules a day, making Tongkat Max™ even better value.).

It may interest you to know that maintaining high levels of testosterone by supplementing with Tongkat Ali  doesn’t just give you increased sexual vitality.
Testosterone also controls muscle growth and fat storage. Body builders take steroids because they elevate testosterone levels, making it easier for them to increase muscle mass and decrease fat accumulation. The reason we men are stronger than women is because we have much more testosterone in our bodies. The lower your testosterone levels the weaker you become.

The problem is as we grow older we produce less and less of it. Low testosterone is why older men start developing central obesity, man boobs, insulin resistance, abnormal cholesterol and high blood pressure – basically it’s the male equivalent of the menopause! And this combination of symptoms greatly increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes or suffering a heart attack or stroke.

But it doesn’t have to happen to you. If you make Tongkat Max™ a part of your daily health regime, you needn’t worry about any of these health hazards. Instead, you can look forward to less fat, more muscle, rock-hard erections and increased sexual vitality, virility and stamina for the rest of your life! Who wouldn’t want that?

One small drawback: Tongkat Max™ does not work overnight. It can be anything from a few days to a month or two, depending on your age – I’m afraid the older you are the longer the wait. Be patient. You can’t expect testosterone levels that have been falling for years to be returned to peak levels ‘instantly.’

The good news is once Tongkat Max™ kicks in, you’ll know your testosterone levels are back to their best, endowing you with the sexual potency of a much younger man and all the other health benefits that come with elevated testosterone.

Tongkat Max™ – the simple answer to low libido and erectile dysfunction

Tongkat Max™ contains therapeutic doses of Eurycoma Longifolia, the active ingredient found in Tongkat Ali trees. These trees have been revered for hundreds of years throughout the Far East, as the most effective cure for loss of sex drive and erectile dysfunction ever discovered.

I first came into contact with E. Longifolia, as a young man, when I was studying biology at the University of Indonesia in 1983. It was then, as it is today, highly valued as the best male libido booster ever discovered.

The fact is E. Longifolia is the only substance to ever excel in all three categories used by scientists to measure the effectiveness of a substance as a sexual stimulant. And here they are:

1. Does this substance increase libido (sexual desire and arousal)? YES
2. Does this substance increase sexual potency (frequency and duration of erections)? YES
3. Does this substance increase sexual pleasure (greater sensitivity and intensified orgasms)? YES

E. Longifolia is the only active ingredient ever found that passes all three tests with flying colours!

Today E. Longifolia is amongst the most intensely scrutinised compounds in the world. Not just because of its potency enhancing qualities, but because it also demonstrates anti-malaria and cancer prevention properties as well.

How long will YOU have to wait for Tongkat Max™ to work?

The older you are the longer it’s going to take. You can’t expect testosterone levels that have been falling for years or even decades to be reversed and returned to peak levels overnight. It takes time. If you are 40 to 50 allow 10 to 20 days. 50 to 60? Up to a month. 60 plus? up to 3 months.

Regain the rock like erections of your youth AND enjoy better health

If you take Tongkat Max™ consistently you can expect to experience:

• Dramatically increased sex drive
• Spontaneous, long lasting erections
• Increased sensitivity and stronger orgasms
• Less fat accumulation around your middle and easier weight loss
• Better muscle mass maintenance and/or growth
• Increased energy and stamina

With all these health benefits on hand, if you’re a man over 50, it would be madness not to at least try Tongkat Max™ and discover its incredible benefits for yourself.

Try Tongkat Max™ without any financial risk!

I want to assure you that Tongkat Max™ will make an astounding improvement to your sex drive, erections and stamina. I’m so confident in Tongkat Max™ that I’m happy for you to experience its benefits for a full six months and if by the end of that time, you’re not amazed and delighted at the dramatic improvement it has made to your sex life, you’ll receive a full refund. No questions asked.

In the unlikely event Tongkat Max™ doesn’t live up to expectations you will owe nothing. But think how marvellous you’ll feel when it does? Imagine it returning you to full potency? Instead of resigning yourself to feeling emasculated for the rest of your life - you could be joining thousands of other men enjoying renewed virility and sexual fulfilment. 

And since Tongkat Max™ comes with a 100% 6 month money back guarantee, why not reserve your supply today?

Ingredients and Dosage

Additional Information


Tongkat Max®

Ingredients and dosage


Take 1 capsule four times per day, before meals.

Ingredients list:

Nutritional Information:Typical per
daily dose
% EU
NRV - Nutrient Reference Value
Tongkat Ali
Whole herb equivalent
12,000mg -

Ingredients: Tongkat Ali Extract, Capsule Shell: Gelatin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Talc.

Not suitable for vegetarians.

Ingredients Tongkat Ali Root Extract