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Liver Healer

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Liver Healer

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Liver diseases are undetectable. There are over 100 of them. Symptoms include weakness, fatigue, skin rashes, weight gain, nausea, vomiting and jaundice (yellowing of your eyes and skin.)

Cirrhosis, hepatitis or worse could be developing in your liver right now, but you would never know because no symptoms show until it’s almost too late. You can easily get liver disease from even light drinking and anyone can get non-alcoholic fatty liver disease from the typical western diet.

But recent research has demonstrated that when 8 key nutrients are taken consistently they can dissolve fatty deposits and renovate your liver. And Liver Healer® contains them all in therapeutic amounts.

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“Your liver works a lot like a car’s oil filter. Thing is, you can change an oil filter…”

 New research uncovers 8 key nutrients that promise to wash away decades of abuse, dissolve fatty deposits and return your liver to normal – no more allergies, headaches, skin rashes, aching joints or weight gain…


Are you concerned about cholesterol-clogged arteries?  Worried by annoying digestive problems?  Plagued by aching joints?  Tired of fighting the battle of the bulge?  And sick of feeling run down all the time? 

Not to mention, forgetfulness, back pain, gallstones, skin rashes and one sleepless night after another.  These miserable symptoms can only mean one thing: your liver is crying out for help because it’s exhausted! 

Your liver is the most important organ in your body, responsible for over 500 essential functions.  Yet, day-after-day, it’s under constant siege from the medicine you take… the food you eat… the water you drink… even the air you breathe. 

In fact, if you are: 

  • Over the age of 40
  • Eat a typical western diet
  • Drink alcohol even occasionally
  • Drink ordinary tap water, or
  • Take medication for your joints, cholesterol, digestive problems, prostate or menopause discomfort…

 …you could be well on the way to liver hell.

 If you’re like most people, you’re probably doing little or nothing to protect your liver.  Meanwhile, you pay for it every day with allergies, head-aches, aching knees, weight gain and even heart and memory problems. 

Yet thousands of people all over the world just like you – have revived their overworked livers.  They’re staying out of doctor’s offices, saving money and feeling incredibly healthy and alive again. 

What do they know that you don’t? 

My name is Dr. John Heinerman Ph.D.  Although I’m trained in traditional medicine, my real passion is nutrition.  I’ve been an alternative health practitioner for over 40 years, using natural means to treat some of the cruellest, age-related health concerns that plague us today.  Health problems conventional medicine can’t cure. 

As a practicing doctor, I can tell you that many of these nasty health problems can be drastically improved – even completely reversed – with the right nutritional approaches.  And the simple discovery I’m about to reveal to you, could top them all. 

If your liver isn’t healthy… neither are you! 

When a new patient comes into my surgery, one of the first things I tell them is: clean out your liver.  And this is why. 

Think of your liver as a computer’s hard drive.  It does all the hard work of running every single system in your body.  Everything you eat, drink, breathe, or absorb through your skin is processed by the liver. 

Your liver weighs about four pounds, and it’s located beneath your ribs on the right side of your stomach.  It’s a pretty amazing organ – it’s solely responsible for more than 500 functions in your body essential for keeping you alive and healthy.  This highly underrated organ… 

  • Filters out harmful toxins from smoking, alcohol, environmental pollutants and even drugs. If your liver didn’t continually remove this “rubbish” from your blood, you would be dead in a matter of hours 
  • Absorbs important minerals and vitamins your body needs, especially vitamins A, D, K, and B12 
  • Manufactures bile, which helps your body break down fat – just like washing up liquid cleans grease from dirty dishes 
  • Regulates blood sugar levels and prevents dangerous highs and lows 
  • Produces more than 13,000 hormones and chemicals including estrogen, good cholesterol and testosterone… not to mention managing over 50,000 body enzymes!

 Your liver is the mastermind of your body! But here’s the problem… 

No matter how healthy or careful you are, modern life is hell on your liver!  Day-after-day, it’s overrun by a chemical tidal wave that poisons your blood, ruins your memory, destroys your digestive system and drags down the health of every single cell in your body. 

By the time you’re 40, your liver can start to clog up with environmental toxins, undigested fats, gallstones and other waste. 

By age 50, you’re probably only getting 25% of the bile your body needs to break down fats.  Plus, the ability of your liver to filter out toxins and absorb nutrients slows to a crawl. 

As your liver gets older it often gets so overloaded with toxins it has no choice but to re-circulate them back into your blood, putting out the welcome mat for dozens of health problems. 

Are you suffering from these signs of a sick liver? 

As a doctor I’ve seen thousands of patients over the years suffering from many of these common symptoms of toxic liver overload.  Check off how many you have: 


Autoimmune problems

Bad breath

Bad digestion

Coated tongue and mouth

Discoloured toe nails

Yellow/sallow skin


Unhealthy blood pressure

Embarrassing “leaks”

Weakened immune system

Excess weight around the middle

Gallbladder problems

Gas and bloating


Cholesterol concerns

Sleeping problems

Joint discomfort

Lack of energy

Memory fog

Mood swings

Sexual problems

Skin rashes

Sore muscles

Sugar cravings

Urinary problems 

These are the kind of symptoms the traditional medical community totally ignores!  

But today, I’m here to tell you… 

When you rejuvenate your liver you can rid yourself of all these problems and experience a true health miracle! 

You see, in order to improve the health of your worn-out liver, you need to tackle liver health from all directions and on multiple levels – something most other supplements (and conventional solutions for that matter) completely fail to do. 

That’s why a thorough liver cleanser is crucial if you want to restore good health! 

According to Elson M. Haas, M.D., founder and Medical Director of the Preventative Medical Centre of Marin in California: 

“The cleansing/detoxification process is the missing link in Western nutrition and one of the keys to real healing.  I have seen hundreds of patients over the years transform persistent problems into good health and greatly improved vitality.”   

And after more than 40 years as a doctor and natural health specialist, I’ve seen the remarkable effects certain nutrients have on tired out livers and the health miracles that happen for people when their livers are functioning normally

So I decided to develop a special formula that you can use to safely release the dangerous toxins in your liver, help unclog your liver’s natural “filter” and keep it strong and healthy for the rest of your life. 

It’s called Liver Healer®, and it’s simply the best way I know to scrub away years of liver abuse and return you to vibrant good health.  Put Liver Healer® to work, and you’ll start feeling better almost immediately. 

Liver Healer® contains eight of the most critical ‘liver’ nutrients needed for complete liver restoration and which are very difficult to get from food alone. They work together as a team providing your ‘overworked’ liver with the extra support it needs to function normally. At first, you’ll feel a new surge of energy as the powerful nutrients in Liver Healer® get to work ridding your liver of toxic wastes and fatty deposits. 

Then day-by-day, as you continue to take Liver Healer®, you’ll begin to realise the health worries that have nagged you for years are gradually fading away: 

  • Stiff, aching joints are replaced with comfortable, easy movement
  • Deep, restful sleep returns
  • Cholesterol and blood pressure are now at healthier levels
  • Occasional constipation, gas and other digestive problems finally disappear
  • Fewer colds or flu take hold, as your immune system strengthens

These eight herbal extracts in Liver Healer® work together to remove decades of dangerous toxins from your liver and flush them from your body: 

Liver Booster No.1: Milk Thistle (125mg)

One of the most important jobs your liver does is to filter out the toxins that get into your blood from the air you breathe, the foods and drinks you consume and from prescription drugs.  Over time, these toxins wear out your liver.  Milk thistle contains a powerful antioxidant called Silymarin, which protects your liver from toxins and helps it to regenerate healthy, new cells. 

According to Andrew Weil MD, a Harvard Medical School graduate and now Professor of Medicine and Director of Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona “Milk thistle can be used for extended periods. Anyone who drinks alcohol heavily, who takes drugs or medications that can harm the liver, who has abnormal liver function for any reason, or who works with solvents or who has a history of toxic exposures should take Milk Thistle.” (From his book, ‘Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Well-Being, 2007) 

Liver Booster No.2: Artichoke Leaf Extract (125mg)

Artichoke leaf extract is one of the most powerful nutrients that help improve the secretion of bile.  Bile is the “detergent” that helps your liver break up cholesterol and other fatty molecules that wreak havoc with your health. It also helps wash away toxic wastes and supports healthy cholesterol levels.

Liver Booster No.3: Turmeric Root Extract (100mg)

Turmeric is a ‘master’ antioxidant and shares similar liver protective compounds as milk thistle and artichoke. It shrinks engorged hepatic ducts and is used to treat liver conditions such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, and jaundice. Turmeric can also benefit skin conditions including: eczema, psoriasis and acne because it’s a potent detoxifier. 

In a controlled animal study published in the July 2003 issue of “Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology,” rats were injected with D-galactosamine, a toxin that injures liver tissue and induces hepatitis. One group received turmeric extract for 15 days, while the control group did not. The rats were then injected with 'Mebrofeni'-- a substance used to assess liver function. When liver function is compromised, the Mebrofeni takes longer to clear away. The study found that rats not treated with turmeric experienced a delay in Mebrofeni excretion, but the rats treated with turmeric excreted the Mebrofeni at a near normal rate. This suggests turmeric improves liver function by increasing its detoxification ability. [Note: turmeric and green tea strongly reinforce each other. See below.] 

Milk Thistle, Artichoke Leaf Extract and Turmeric Root Extract are three of the most crucial nutrients for supporting the health of your liver.  But for best results I also include another 5 ‘liver-loving’ support nutrients: 

Liver Booster No.4: Burdock Root (50mg)

Burdock Root is a powerful antioxidant and one of the best “blood purifiers” there is.  It helps clear congestion in the urinary, lymphatic and circulatory systems, which eases the load on your liver. 

Liver Booster No.5: Dandelion Root (50mg)

Dandelion Root has centuries-old history as a “liver tonic” and was the original therapy for jaundice. Packed with health promoting flavonoids, it’s a natural diuretic that helps excrete salts and water from the kidneys.  Studies show it doubles the flow of bile, promotes healthy electrolyte levels and keeps your liver and pancreatic enzymes in balance. 

Liver Booster No.6: Green Tea (50mg)

Green tea in company with Turmeric root are powerful antioxidants which work well together.  They focus their bioactivities on the star shaped ‘Kupffer’ cells of your liver, which destroy bad bacteria, harmful micro-organisms and old, malfunctioning blood cells. 

Liver Boosters Nos.7 & 8: Beet Root (50mg) and Bladderwrack Plant (50mg)

The chlorophyll in Bladderwrack seaweed and the betaine alkaloids in Beetroot work synergistically to stimulate normal liver function, aiding detoxification and increasing its efficiency in processing fats.  Unless your liver is working properly, fat cannot be broken down and either burnt off as energy or excreted with other waste materials. 

As you can see Liver Healer® contains only the most powerful proven, nutrients to support the health of your most overworked organ – and delivers them in the optimum levels, I believe, will give you the best results. 

It’s also the simplest, most effective way I know to help boost the health of your liver, wash out health-sapping toxins and reduce years of damage from smoking, alcohol, the environment and prescription drugs. 

In other words, Liver Healer® helps you clobber the root cause of nearly all age-related liver problems! Just imagine… 

  • Looking and feeling younger with bags of energy
  • Purer, clearer skin with no more itchy rashes
  • Sleeping soundly right through the night without interruption
  • Clearer, quicker, thinking and better moods
  • No more lower back pain, aching muscles or sore joints
  • Playing with your grandkids without “feeling it” the next day
  • Smoother, trouble-free digestion – without the gas, bloating or constipation.
  • Fighting off colds and flu more easily because of strengthened immunity
  • Excess weight melting away effortlessly
  • Alleviating food allergies and sugar cravings
  • Lowering cholesterol and having healthier blood sugar – less diabetes risk
  • Doing more and enjoying more days out with friends and family 

That’s what life could be like for you with Liver Healer®.  

How quickly will you see results? 

Of course, everyone is different.  You can’t expect a liver that’s been swamped with toxins and fatty deposits for years to be cleaned out and returned to normal overnight.  Some people notice benefits in as a little as a week or two.  For others it takes up to six months.  Don’t worry, just be patient. 

You only need one capsule of Liver Healer® a day so it’s easy to keep up with.  When your liver receives the daily dose of the nutrients in Liver Healer®, toxins and fat are gradually being removed and replaced with healthy new liver cells. 

Rejuvenating your entire liver takes time, but it’s worth the wait because when the job is done you’ll be thinner, have bags of energy, feel sharper and look better than you have in decades.

Let’s face it, if you’re in pain… suffering with skin rashes… putting up with one health setback after another… or feel so tired you can’t be bothered to do anything – life is miserable. 

But it doesn’t have to be because with our 6 month 100% money back guarantee you can try Liver Healer® without any financial risk and see for yourself just how well it works.

The truth is, when you take care of your liver, your worst age-related health problems start disappearing.  

Thousands of other people already take Liver Healer® because they know it works. Since you risk nothing, why not find out how well it could work for you, by reserving your supply today?

Ingredients and Dosage

Additional Information


Liver Healer®



Take one capsule at night before going to bed. 
Contains 30 capsules.


Nutritional Information:


% EU

Milk Thistle Extract
Providing: Silymarins




Artichoke Extract
Providing: Cynarin




Turmeric Extract
Providing: Curcuminoids




Green Tea



Burdock Root



Dandelion Root



Beet Root Plant



Bladderwack Plant



NRV - Nutrient Reference Value

Ingredients: Milk Thistle Extract, Artichoke Extract, Capsule Shell: Gelatin, Turmeric Extract, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Green Tea Powder, Burdock Root Powder, Dandelion Root Powder, Beet Root Extract, Bladder wrack Extract, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.

Not suitable for vegetarians.


Ingredients Artichoke Extract, Beet Root Plant, Bladderwrack Plant, Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Green Tea, Milk Thistle Seed Extract, Turmeric Root Extract