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IQ Protect

Memory supplement protects brain cells and boosts mental performance

16 powerful nutrients protect against dementia and boost mental performance in 3 key areas - concentration, memory and understanding.

IQ Protect

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IQ Protect® gives your mind the protection it needs so you retain your sparkle!

Here at NutriPlus we’ve created the ultimate natural memory supplement to protect your brain. IQ Protect® contains 16 cutting-edge nutrients, which work synergistically to protect and enhance brain function.

If you (or a loved one) suffer from, or are worried about deteriorating mental abilities, or simply want to protect your brain and keep your mind pin sharp, IQ Protect® could provide you with the solution you’ve been looking for.

We’re so confidant you’ll notice a difference when you start taking IQ Protect® it comes with an iron clad guarantee. Try it for up to six months and if you don’t feel it making a huge improvement to your cognitive abilities including clearer thinking, sharper recall and better moods, we’ll happily refund your money – promptly, in full and without question.

Spot dementia’s early warning signs

Have you noticed any of these early warning symptoms of mild cognitive impairment, either in yourself or a family member?

  • Forgetting the names of famous people
  • Being unable to name a popular film or TV programme
  • Going upstairs for something and then forgetting why
  • Repeating yourself or losing the thread of your conversation
  • Struggling to remember recent events, but clearly recalling things from your childhood
  • Not being able to work out the best way to go about a task

If you answered yes to one or more of these symptoms, then now is the time to act. Although you may not be suffering from dementia, you could have what’s known as ‘mild cognitive impairment’ (MCI). Recent research (Archives of Neurology December 2007) strongly suggests that if you are prone to MCI then it greatly increases your risk of developing dementia and/or full blown Alzheimer’s later on.

Unlike other body cells, your brain cells don’t replicate. You are born with a set amount and as you age they gradually die off, so anything that can be done to slow this process is vital.

Your brain is an amazing organ that deserves good care

Your brain is the most complex organ in existence – thousands of times more powerful than the world’s most powerful computers. It is made up of billions of cells and trillions of synapses (connections.) We can divide its amazing powers into 3 key areas:

1.    Concentration – involves focus, application and persistence

2.    Memory – recall of information, both short and long term

3.    Cognition – the understanding of new information and the ability to solve problems

All three must be working perfectly for you to function normally. To be effective a brain formulation must therefore contain nutrients that support all three areas.

IQ Protect® contains 16 highly effective nutrients, proven to protect and enhance each of your brain’s key areas of operation by:

1.    Increasing oxygen supply to brain cells for faster, clearer thinking
2.    Protecting brain cells from free radicals damage, toxins and stress
3.    Restoring key neurotransmitter functions for increased recall and concentration

16 cutting edge nutrients from both East and West work together to keep your brain in peak condition

Before deciding which nutrients should be included in the IQ Protect® formula, our team of experts combed through literally thousands of research papers from all over the world – only considering nutrients which had been rigorously tested and scientifically proven to work.

Crucially, they discovered India has one of the lowest rates of dementia in the world today, which is why a number of plant extracts unique to India are included in our memory supplements, IQ Protect®. In fact IQ Protect® is the only memory supplement based on the very latest research from both Eastern (Ayurvedic) and Western medicines.

From western medicine they picked N-Acetyl Carnitine, a highly promising tool in the treatment of age-related learning and memory deficits; Phosphatidyl Choline, an antioxidant that improves short-term memory; Alpha Lipoic Acid, because it protects brain and nerve tissue; and Co-Enzyme Q10, as it shields brain and nerve cells from free radical damage.

From the East they chose Cayenne, which contains Capsaicin, to improve memory and reduce inflammation; Curcumin from Turmeric, which reverses the build-up of damaging beta-amyloid plaque – a common symptom in people with Alzheimers (in fact, Curcumin is one of the most intensely studied substances in the world today, not just as a brain protector but as an anti-ageing and anti-carcinogenic); Ginger Root, shown to improve learning habits; Ashwaganda Root, a powerful memory and cognition enabler; and Bacopa Monniera, which significantly improves memory acquisition and retention.

Full list of ingredients >

IQ Protect® – manufactured in FDA approved facilities using the highest grades and the purest and most active forms

It isn’t just the combination of remarkable nutrients, and how they all work together, that make this formula so effective but also the sheer quality of the raw ingredients and how they are put together. All our formulas are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities – using only the highest grades and purest forms of each ingredient. Then we bond them at a molecular level using special, low temperature techniques that preserve their potency.

Cheap nutritional and memory supplements are processed at such high temperatures their ingredients are almost totally destroyed. Only IQ Protect® delivers premium grade brain nutrients and anti-oxidants at their full strength, so you really feel them making a noticeable difference to your mental health.

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